Rounding Up

In my second to last week here I have been involved with rounding things off like the ‘Keep it Reel’ project and my choreography for Blaze. As always it’s been a busy week helping with the general administration at the studios and I carried out another Lepra Health workout – time seems to be flying by quicker than ever!

As the ‘Keep it Reel’ project comes to a close we have been asking the pupils in the participating schools to name their dances. The idea was to choose a name that made their dance relevant to our present time and place, and so we had some really great titles such as ‘The Carmyle Commonwealth Slide’ and ‘The Commonwealth Fling’. The next step for us now is to compile all of the original dances that each group within each school created into a single document which will then be handed out to all the participating schools. Next time the schools teach the conventional dances they will hopefully incorporate the new routines as well and start a new tradition to keep this form of dancing alive.

I flew through my choreography on Tuesday for Blaze – so much so I didn’t even realise that I had run over by 10 minutes! After a few tweaks here and there, removing a fish roll or two, we have managed to get through almost the whole dance. With the next session being our last I will need to whizz through the final counts and hopefully we’ll get a chance to run through the whole thing from start to finish a few times. It’s been great getting to know the Blaze girls, they’re a really great laugh, and they’ve done so well blasting through my choreography in the limited time we’ve had. I’m pleased with how it’s gone so far, so I hope we get it all finished tomorrow and end on a great note!

Nothing out of the ordinary happened on my Lepra Health workout at New Farm Primary. Some of the pupils were a little tired after having a disco at the school the night before, but generally they were all quite enthusiastic! I was also even more enthusiastic than usual as I’d changed around some of the songs to stop it all being a bit repetitive. As predicted there was a huge sigh from the older pupils when they heard Gangnam style come on, but a swift track change sorted that out. Gangnam has officially been struck off the P.5-7 playlist now! I’ll sadly be taking my last Lepra dance workout next week, so I’ll have to put all my energy into it and make it count!

Other than all of that it’s been business as usual at Dance HQ. We’ve been having a good number of new people getting registered for classes each week. Beginners Tap has especially taken off as it’s the busiest class by far! There’s a new class that has just started on Thursdays called Naach and it sounds so much fun. It fuses classical Indian steps with folk, Latin and hip-hop styles giving you a really great cardio workout. I think it’s going to be a hit! Find out more about Naach, and the numerous other great classes at Dance HQ, at

AC Naach