2017 – DAY BY DAY

Happy New Year dancers! We trust you all had a fantastic festive season and are ready to kick start your new year with some feel-good dance classes so here’s the lowdown on what we have to offer day by day in 2017.



6.30pm BATD Associate Tap – teacher training with Susan Elena

6.30pm Barre & Stretch – ballet-based fitness with Jessica Arnold, the perfect start to your week. Walk out feeling a million dollars and 6 inches taller!

7.30pm Pointe – get en pointe with Jessica Arnold. Beginners can start en demi-pointe and build up the strength required for more advanced pointe work.

7.30pm Hip Hop Flow – new for 2017 with Kj Clarke-Davis. Hip Hop Flow is the perfect combination of Hip Hop & Contemporary dance styles, ideal for anyone looking to add a new flavour to their movement repertoire.

8.30pm Burlesque – vintage dance fun with Ginger Valentine aka Lyndsey Roberts. This class focuses on the dance element of Burlesque so you can spare your blushes.

8.30pm Contemporary – this dynamic class with Katie Armstrong is influenced by Cunningham and Graham technique, and focuses on building core strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination.

graded5 barre pointe

hip-hop-flow burlesque lyrical



6.30pm Beginners Ballet – make a commitment to learn the basics of Ballet with Jessica Arnold, this 8 week block covers all the essentials.

6.30pm Jazz – get inspired with Charlotte Hudson and learn a range of commercial, lyrical and musical theatre Jazz styles. There’s more to Jazz than jazz hands!

7.30pm Beginners Tap – Master the basics of tap or give yourself a quick refresher course in shuffles, beats, taps, digs, cramp rolls and timesteps with Susan Elena.

7.30pm Diverse Dance Mix: DDMIX – New for 2017 with Paula Davidson. Created by Darcey Bussell and Nathan Clarke DDMIX takes inspiration from a range of dance styles and eras giving you a full body workout that’s easy to follow and fun to do.

8.30pm MTV – New for 2017 with Kim McFaulds. Kim’s professional credits include Blue, Jason Donovan & Chris Howell and she’s here to bring all that experience to you. All levels of dance ability welcome and heels are optional.

ballet1 jazz tap1 ddmix



5.30pm BATD Advanced Tap – Advanced Grade Tap class with Susan Elena, contact us if you’d like to start your Graded journey in Tap or Ballet

6.30pm Intermediate Ballet – push yourself further with Jessica Arnold. You’ve learned the basics, now it’s time to develop your technique and really enjoy moving through Ballet.

6.30pm Intermediate Tap – it’s time to have some fun with Susan Elena. Every week brings a new challenge in this lighthearted supportive class.

7.30pm BATD Elementary Ballet – Elementary Grade Ballet class with Laura Conetta. Previous experience essential, please contact us to find out more.

7.30pm BATD Graded Tap – a mixed level Graded Tap class with Susan Elena, spaces available for newcomers to Grade work. Contact us for more info.

8.30pm BATD Graded Ballet – a mixed level Graded Ballet class with Laura Conetta, spaces available for newcomers to Grade work. Contact us for more info.

tap2 graded4 graded2 graded1



6.10pm Blaze Dance Academy Senior Ballet – develop strong Ballet technique with Susan Elena. Dancers aged 10+ welcome to join, contact us for more info.

6.50pm Blaze Dance Academy Senior Modern – enjoy this dynamic, technical dance style with Susan Elena. Dancers aged 10+ welcome to join, contact us for more info.

7pm Zumba – contact our guest tutor Agne Der directly to book your space and join the dance party with a difference.

7.30pm Blaze Dance Academy Senior Street – Susan Elena takes inspiration from a range of urban dance styles to create a fun, challenging class for dancers aged 10+, spaces available, contact us for more info.

8.10pm Blaze Dance Academy Contemporary – find your release with Susan Elena in this weekly Contemporary class for dancers aged 10+, spaces available, contact us for more info.

s-ballet zumba street s-contemporary



7pm Beginners Lindy Hop – contact our guest tutor Glasgow Lindy Hoppers directly to find out more about this high energy dance style from America.

8pm Collegiate Shag – often called the ‘cartoon dance’ due to it’s unique style, this class is the perfect addition to Lindy Hop.  Contact Glasgow Lindy Hoppers directly to book your space.

9pm Improver/Intermediate Lindy Hop – ready to take it to the next level? Contact Glasgow Lindy Hoppers to book your space.

lindy2 lindy1 lindy3



10am Blaze Dance Academy 1st Steps Ballet – get a great foundation in Ballet with Ruth Foster.

10am Blaze Dance Academy Junior 1 Ballet – start developing good Ballet technique with Susan Elena.

10.30am Blaze Dance Academy 1st Steps Tap – it’s time to work on those shuffle combinations with Ruth Foster.

10.30am Blaze Dance Academy Junior 1 Tap – progress and learn more with Susan Elena.

11am Blaze Dance Academy 1st Steps Modern – let Ruth Foster introduce you to the fun, high energy style of Modern.

11am Blaze Dance Academy Junior 1 Modern – take it further and learn more with Susan Elena.

11.30am Blaze Dance Academy Starlite – dancers aged 2-4 get the perfect introduction to Ballet & Tap with Ruth Foster.

11.30am Blaze Dance Academy Street – this class with Susan Elena puts the fun into funky, perfect for boys & girls aged 5-10.

12pm Blaze Dance Academy Contemporary – start learning the basics of Contemporary dance including partner work and release-based technique with Susan Elena

12.30pm Blaze Dance Academy Junior 2 Ballet – develop your Ballet technique and performance skills with Susan Elena.

1pm Blaze Dance Academy Junior 2 Tap – start working on more complex movements and combinations with Susan Elena.

1.30pm Blaze Dance Academy Junior 2 Modern – improve your technique, strength and flexibility with Susan Elena.

New dancers welcome to all Blaze Dance Academy classes as we start preparing for our summer show, email bda@dancehq.co.uk or call 0141 556 0039 for more info and to find out which class is best for you.

1st-ballet-sq 1st-modern j2-tap dsc_0602


To book a space in any of our classes just visit our website and follow the simple instructions to create a profile and book classes.  If you haven’t been before, make sure you take advantage of our Welcome Offer!