A Busy Blog for a Busy Week

I’m just about half way through the internship now, it’s crazy how the time has flown. The 7 remaining weeks will be spent mostly in primary schools across Glasgow for ‘Keep it Reel’, carrying on with some classes at Dance HQ and choreographing for Blaze. This has been a week of a great variety of activities!

I was allowed to look after Dance HQ by myself for a couple of days at the beginning of the week which was a great experience. I did a stock take, answered emails and phone calls and booked in studio time for people. I also cashed up at the end of the day on Monday which was a test for my mental skills but I think I did ok in the end! It was great to be trusted with those responsibilities and to appreciate how much work Susan does to keep Dance HQ ticking over.

This week we kicked off ‘Keep it Reel’ with our training session for the project and it went really well. Myself, Susan and two other tutors, Natalie and Ruth, danced the dances amending sections where we needed to. I needed to cut music to make it longer and Clutha in particular needed some simplifying!¬† We also prepared the second half of the project¬† in which we allow the pupils to create their own routines incorporating traditional and modern dance moves within the structures of Scottish Country Dancing. I think it’s going to be really interesting seeing the kids across all the schools getting creative!

I also got creative this week. By making the most of a rare free afternoon at Dance HQ I cut my music and began to choreograph the dance piece I am creating for the Blaze group. So far so good I think! After listening to the music a couple of times it’s starting with a contemporary feel and then I’ve transitioned into a kind of fun modern/disco style. I enjoy dancing it so I hope the girls do too! Next week I will begin to teach it every Tuesday evening so I’ll have to wait until then to see how it goes down with them.

We rounded off the week on Saturday with an awards ceremony for Blaze Dance Academy to collect their certificates and medals from dance exams which they sat at the end of last year. There was a really great turn out from proud families and friends who watched their girls collect their awards, and they even got a sneak preview of a couple of dances which will be featured in this years show.

Monday the 17th will see the launch of ‘Keep it Reel’ in the primary schools and the beginning of the week leading upto GSDC’s dance show – a busy week ahead!

Awards Ceremony 2 Awards Ceremony