Barre & Stretch and Floor Barre

Both Barre and Stretch and Floor Barre are ideal for those who want the benefits of a Ballet workout without too much concentration on set exercises. Requiring no dance experience and working at a slower pace they really concentrate on improving areas such as flexibility, posture and strength. However, these classes are totally different in lay out so make sure you choose the one which will suit you best!

Barre & Stretch

If long, lean limbs and a strong core sound ideal to you then come along to Barre & Stretch. This moderately paced class is taken in the style of a Ballet warm up with stretches and simple exercises at the barre. You’ll improve your flexibility and alignment in no time.

With years of dance training behind her, the lovely Stacey Jardine will take you through this class. Stacey trained in Contemporary dance for 5 years before moving to the Big Apple to train at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, NY.


Floor Barre

Based on the principles of classical ballet, this class works at a much slower pace to really target and work on the different muscles in the body that affect our posture. The whole class takes place on the floor where you will gently lengthen and strengthen muscles, release tension from the neck and joints and help to correct your alignment.

Tutor Lucy is one of a handful of certified Floor Barre ® instructors in the UK, and she is the only certified teacher of the technique in Scotland.


If you spend the majority of your time slumped over your desk at work or in front of the television then these class are perfect for you to gently waken up your muscles and joints again. Drop in or book now in advance!