Becoming ‘Miss Kirsty’: The Teaching Experience Continues

This week was business as usual with the ‘Keep it Reel’ project and the general admin that I help out with around Dance HQ. However, I also started to teach my choreography to Blaze this week and carried out another Lepra Health dance workout on my own. I’ve also enjoyed helping out with the younger dance classes at Dance HQ where I’ve had to become accustomed to a new name and identity as a dance tutor – ‘Miss Kirsty’.┬áIt’s been good to take what I’ve learnt about being a dance tutor from observing classes at the studios, and in the schools, and put it into practice.

The ‘Keep it Reel’ project is going down really well within the schools we’ve taken it to. There was so much interest and demand for the limited places that we had available for the project that we have applied for funding to extend it! This is a great opportunity for other schools to get involved and introduce their pupils to dance. Furthermore, the project helps to keep the traditional dances alive as well as allowing for new traditions to start when the pupils create their own modern Scottish Country Dance that they will document. This week we taught The Flying Scotsman which the pupils seemed to enjoy. They schools are all picking up the dances really well which is great, and hopefully the enthusiasm will continue when they start to create their own dances.

I had my second solo teaching experience for Lepra Health this week. There were just two dance workout sessions which I carried out Wednesday morning, but that meant a larger amount of kids in each one! I thought trying to keep the attention of that many kids would have been difficult but they were a really enthusiastic school so they seemed to enjoy it. My next Lepra Health dance workout will be over the course of a morning and an afternoon so I’ll need to pace myself with that one!

This week I began to teach my choreography to the Blaze group for Dance HQ’s show in June. The last time I choreographed a dance entirely by myself was over two years ago now, so I was a bit rusty getting back into it – and having not choreographed in a while there’s always the worry that it’s going to be a bit outdated or boring! Not to mention I only have four sessions to teach the girls the routine so there’s a bit of pressure there as well. However, in the first class we had this week they picked up the first counts really well which was great, and thankfully the moves looked alright which gave me a bit more confidence for adding more choreography on! The girls had a really good bouncy energy that the dance needs and I think it’s got good potential if I can keep up the creative thinking. I’m looking forward to seeing it all coming together over the weeks!

Flash Mob Rehearsal