It’s almost dance show season which is the perfect opportunity for new dancers and their parents to check out potential dance schools before enrolling for the year ahead.  Here are our tips on how to spot your new dance school from their annual show…


Check out the Seniors

The infant classes may be super cute but pay attention to how well the Senior & pre-Senior dancers perform as they’re likely to be the dancers who have studied at the school the longest.  Are they confident and well-rehearsed?  Do they have good technique with challenging routines?  Do the younger pupils look up to them?  All of these things indicate a great teaching environment where students are encouraged to develop both as dancers and as responsible young adults.


What are they wearing?

Costumes should be age-appropriate, suited to the dance and well-made.  Look at the classes closest in age to your child and ask yourself if you’d be happy with your child wearing the same thing.


Music & Theme

Is the show well thought out, does it have a theme or story to tell? Is the music good quality, well-edited and, again, age-appropriate? A great dance teacher ensures that not only does the annual show flow well to keep the audience engaged but that the music is well prepared with no badly edited cuts, offensive language or dips in sound level.


Is it slick?

Is the show well-organised, do the dances run at a decent pace, i.e. no massive gaps between dances without them feeling rushed either? Does the overall performance feel as though you’ve had a great night out and good value for money?  This indicates a well-run professional school where classes won’t overrun on a weekly basis. A slick show is second nature for organised, experienced dance teachers who are used to creating schedules and sticking to them.


Where is it?

Simply speaking, the more professional the venue, the more the dancers will benefit.  Everything from backstage changing rooms to the technical team to front of house is reflected on stage.  When young dancers have the opportunity to perform on big stages in professional theatres they rise to the occasion which helps them improve year on year.


So there you have it, our top tips for choosing dance schools based on their annual show.  If you’d like to check us out, our show is called Seasons Change and will be performed at The New Athenaeum Theatre, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on the 17th June.  Tickets are on sale now.

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