First things first, I really like Kendall Jenner.  I secretly like all the Kardashian clan for their way-out-there lifestyles but particularly Kendall, she seems quite down to earth (or at least as down to earth as a millionaire model can be!) and she is without a doubt drop dead gorgeous but whoever decided filming her prancing around a ballet studio would be a good idea got it seriously wrong.


If you’ve missed it, here’s the film Vogue Espana produced.


As I’ve already said, I like her.  She comes across well and she seems fun but why on earth is she wearing pointe shoes?!


Seriously, why?


If you’re going to film a ballet-themed shoot, at least use a trained ballet dancer.  There are thousands of trained professional dancers who know how to work the camera and would do this shoot so much more justice than having an amateur kick about with floppy, sickled feet, weak ankles and terrible lines.


This isn’t the first time models have had a pair of ballet shoes shoved on their feet and been expected to know what to do.  There’s a big difference between stilletoes and pointe shoes and wearing the latter without adequate training is dangerous.  Not only for the poor model who’s in danger of breaking an ankle but also for all the young dancers who see these shoots and decide to try it out for themselves.


Kendall looking incredibly uncomfortable leaning on the barre instead of working the shoe and getting onto the box.


Training for pointe work takes years.  There are no shortcuts.  Not only do you have to have strong ballet technique but your ankles and feet need to be strong enough to cope with the stress and strain that pointe work puts upon them.  Some dancers may get there quicker than others due to natural ability but others may never get there and it is definitely not something you should try at home.  Wait until your (trained, experienced, qualified) ballet tutor advises you that you’re ready.


So Kendall, next time you’re in Glasgow please feel free to pop into one of our Ballet classes and we’ll help you achieve that perfect pointe safely.


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