When our tutors start teaching at Dance HQ, we like to ask them a few questions to help you get to know them better.  Our favourite question has to be ‘What are your dance bag essentials?’.


Jessica Arnold – Perfume & mints for all those pas-de-deux!

Susan Elena – iPod, notebook, water & a hairband

Ruth Foster – Legwarmers

Ali Grant – Water, iPod and a towel

Lyndsey Roberts – iPod, notebook, dried mango for snacking between classes and water.

Aimee Scullion – Water, iPod and a cosy jumper


It’s safe to say, as teachers, we’re all fairly attached to our iPods but what essentials should you be carrying in your dance bag?


Shoes & dance clothes – whether you’re a ‘different outfit for every class’ kinda dancer or prefer to keep it simple (i.e. wear whatever is clean and stretchy) you’ll need specific clothes and shoes depending on the style of dance

Water – it goes without saying but it’s vital you stay hydrated during class

Hairband/kirbies – your hair starts off looking fab and by the end of the warm up the strays start flying, keep them in check with some spare kirbies or use an extra hairband to keep your do in place

Safety pins – from burst leotard straps to numbers on exam days, never leave home without a couple of safety pins in your bag

Plasters – always keep a plaster handy for unexpected blisters

Notebook – this maybe isn’t an essential dance bag item but if you’re keen to progress and develop your technique it’s a great idea to make notes about what you’ve covered in class and the corrections you were given.  Over time, you’ll be able to spot some patterns and when you can correct yourself before your teacher does that allows them to move on and give you different feedback, helping you to progress even further.


We always recommend keeping a separate bag for classes as you’re bound to forget something if you’re constantly packing and repacking.  A large bag with zipped sections for smaller items is perfect.  Our Blaze Dance Academy dancers are lucky to have personalised kit bags available for all of their essentials and as a special welcome gift to our new adult dancers, we are giving away a brand new tote bag with every Welcome Offer (while stocks last).


Our Welcome Offer includes a 5 Class Card that can be used for any of our adult dance classes and one of these awesome (even if we do say so ourselves!) cotton tote bags.


Free Bag with Intro 5 for £25 deal


So, what’s in your dance bag?