Energy Boost

I’m in my final few weeks within this internship at Dance HQ now, and I just can’t believe how the time has flown! It’s been a really great experience being involved with projects like ‘Keep it Reel’ and doing Lepra dance workouts as well as helping out around the studios with classes and general admin. I’m loving the lighter, longer days so I’m going to give these last weeks all my energy!

‘Keep it Reel’ is unfortunately coming to an end soon. In the week I was away the pupils started to make up their own routines which we built upon this week. We incorporated four components which feature in Scottish country dances including moves facing a partner, a turning move, something which takes the top couple to the bottom of the set and a move which everyone does together. The variety of routines that I saw created over the six schools was great. We had groups include top rocks, weaving and many even seemed to forget their initial alarm of having to hold hands with each other; many groups actually chose  to take hands and, for example, gallop in a circle.

I feel like I have good deal of experience now of doing keep fit sessions for Lepra Health on my own.  Over the workouts I’ve done I’ve learnt to gauge the ability levels of the children and tailor my ready-made routines to suit them. The kids can also often come in tired and wondering what they’re actually going to be doing, so I try and make the workouts as fun and engaging as possible to make sure they don’t lose interest. It’s always nice to hear that they’ve enjoyed themselves by the end of it though.  It’s also been nice getting to know the Fundraisers who I accompany to the workouts. However, I think my playlist could do with a refresh, and if the pupils didn’t find Gangnam Style so much fun I think that’d be the first to go – although it is quite amusing to see a hall full of kids attempting to sing in Korean.

I’m delighted to say I’ll be helping out backstage with the show in June! So I have switched from helping Ruth out with her Firecrackers class and I’m back in with Starlite and the Junior 1 Blaze classes on Saturdays! I started helping out with the latter classes when I first started at Dance HQ so it’s nice to come back and see what the girls have been up to and how they’re getting on with their choreography. They’re all remembering the multiple routines they’ve been learning really well so I think the shows going to be great!

The sales of the advertising space within Dance HQ’s show programme has been going really well. So far we will be featuring local businesses Swanson Sports and Fabric Bazaar. We’d still love to hear from any businesses or organisations who would also like to purchase a space within the programme. For more information you can call us at 0141 556 0039 or drop me an email at

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