Gallus Stooshie, Giggles & Guinness!

On Friday, we were fortunate enough to be invited to dance in Dublin to promote the Glasgow International Comedy Festival (14th March-5th April, click the link for info & tickets) to unsuspecting shoppers and passers-by.

The day began with a very early check-in at Glasgow Airport, where the girls all sailed through airport security and the boys had various toiletries confiscated much to their dismay and our entertainment.  We were slightly anxious when we saw our plane (aka a double-decker bus with wings!) waiting on the tarmac, 4 steps onto a plane is simply not enough! But after a shaky take-off and landing we were in Dublin.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival #1

Our first port of call was St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre for a photo call with Bruce Devlin, who will be performing at the Comedy Festival, and an impromptu street performance from our dancers.  Following that, we headed off to the stunning Powerscourt Shopping Centre where the dancers entertained shoppers and diners in beautiful surroundings.

Glasgow International Comedy Festival #2

Our favourite Taxi driver, Declan, soon whisked us off to our final destination of the day, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.  Most of Declan’s chat was far too rude to be mentioned in this blog but his description of a particularly muscular man has been used by all of us in the days since!

Glasgow International Comedy Festival #4

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre is on the outskirts of Dublin and is a popular place for families, particularly during the Irish half-term holidays which ensured our audiences were huge all afternoon.  After numerous performances, our tired dancers were picked up by Declan to head back to the airport for a well-deserved Guinness before getting the flight home.

Gallus Stooshie were a hit with everyone on the day and I was incredibly proud of each and every one of them.  They were professionals from start to finish with boundless energy and enthusiasm however, there were a few ‘dancer moments’ throughout the day.  It would be unprofessional of me to reveal all of our antics from Friday but I will leave you with a few gems uttered by our professional dancers…

“Is there a time difference?!”

“Will I need an international plug adaptor?”

“What’s a hashtag?”

“Who’s Jay-Z?”

“Why are they not driving on the other side of the road?”

“I can’t believe they confiscated my fake tan!” 

Glasgow International Comedy Festival #5

Massive thank you to Bronagh from Duffy Rafferty Communications for organising our Dublin away day and to Minty from People Make Glasgow and Sarah from the Glasgow International Comedy Festival for allowing us to have so much fun at work!

Gallus Stooshie are now available for bookings for promotional and corporate events. Please email to find out more.