Sick of solo workouts at the gym? Is Yoga just not fast paced enough for you? Then Fierce Fit could be the key to your weight-loss and toning solution! In this one hour class you’ll enjoy a mixture of upbeat dance cardio and muscle toning, all done to the hottest soundtrack in town.

Tutor, and Director of Dance HQ, Susan will give you a workout to remember. She’ll have you raising your heart rate to Rihanna and helping you burn calories to Beyonce! You’ll not only leave the class having had a total body workout, but also totally re-energised and motivated to exercise more.

We had some great figure-changing results when we previously offered this class.

Fierce Fit participant, Jennifer says: ‘My jeans are definitely looser!’

Say bye-bye to your bingo wings, love handles and any other affectionately nick-named wobbly bits. Kick start your exercise regime again in a positive, supportive and fun environment by booking your space now

Fierce Fit reboots on Tuesday 4th October 7.30pm-8.30pm, with 11 weeks until (whisper it!) Christmas and at a special price of just £49.50 for the full course, this is the perfect way to look fantastic in your little black dress!

You can also drop in or use your Class Card for this class so, what’s stopping you?