Just for Men

We’re pretty sure this is a first for Glasgow, a Ballet class just for the boys. Well, men to be precise!

Male Ballet Dancer

Ballet for Men, taught by Jamie Haughton, will focus on all the male aspects of Ballet technique as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere where men who love to dance can come and improve each week.

This class is aimed at all the men who harbour ambitions to dance but are put off by the thought of being the only guy at the barre.

Open to all levels and backgrounds this class will focus on the fundamentals of ballet for men, developing strength, fitness and flexibility in an enjoyable environment. You’ll leave this class feeling energised and confident, with new skills that will aid you with other styles of dance as well as day to day activity.

Ballet for Men starts Wednesday 8th November 7.30pm-8.30pm, book your space now.