Keeping it Reel, Keeping Fit with Lepra Health and Dance Show Success

Between the kick off of ‘Keep it Reel’, rehearsals for GSDC’s dance show and taking a Lepra Health dance workout this week has been exhausting but extremely rewarding.

We were warmly welcomed by all of our Primary schools this week as we kicked off ‘Keep it Reel’ with a mixture of morning and afternoon dance sessions across the East End of Glasgow. Although we had slightly varying degrees of concentration from different schools the same amount of work was covered and we managed to teach our first dance The Mayflower to all the schools. The kids were all really enthusiastic about getting involved with the project…aside from having to hold hands with each other…which made our job much easier, and the kids looked great when they finally got it too! I look forward to seeing their progression over the next month or so.

After helping Susan with a couple of dance workout sessions for the charity Lepra Health, this week I took one on my own. The task ahead was a little daunting as myself and Susan usually share the amount of routines we take to the schools, this usually lowers the pressure a little – and gives me a chance to get my breath back! This time, however, it was all on myself to deliver good thirty minute dance/aerobic sessions for p.1 all the way up to p.7. I had to make sure that each group not only got a good workout, but that they enjoyed themselves too. We started off with a group of p.1s and p.2s and unfortunately the music system wasn’t loud enough to keep the kids attention, so that was a bit of a struggle until we managed to get louder speakers hooked up. Once we had sorted the volume out though things only got easier and I think it went alright! It was a good test for my stamina and with GSDC’s show to do in the evening I gave myself the rest of the day to recover.

The Glasgow Student Dance Company rehearsals are finally over as the show took place at the weekend. Everyone in the Company, there’s around 150 of us, have worked really hard rehearsing since September. There was a great energy behind the scenes which we hope showed on stage! We performed to three amazing crowds over the Friday and Saturday with no major mess ups from anyone and all in all things seemed to go smoothly! After thoroughly enjoying the after show party we’re now at the end of GSDC’s year as the students in the Company start revising for their exams. We do however have various events which take place from now until September when rehearsals kick off again. This year there will be a flashmob, the annual AGM where the new committee is nominated and elected, and rehearsals start for the members who take part in performances at T in the Park.

From now on I’ll be concentrating on the occasional Lepra Health workouts, the ‘Keep it Reel’ project, choreographing for Blaze and anything else that might come up!

GSDC pic