We love seeing all the photos and videos you lot take in class and it’s a great way of sharing your Dance HQ experience so, next time you’re posting something, get on board with our new hashtag and let everyone see what Dance HQ means to you.

Not only will you be able to search for pics taken by your new class buddy but you’ll also feature on the brand new Instagram gallery on our website.  The gallery will appear once we have enough images for it so let’s get the ball rolling.  Next time you’re in class take a selfie, a shoe pic, a video of that move you’ve just nailed or something arty and abstract.  Whatever your Dance HQ experience is hashtag it #MYDANCEHQ and it will appear on our site.

Don’t forget you can add tags to any current Dance HQ pics you have by either editing the post or adding a comment and make sure you follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more news and updates.

Now who’s going to get us started?