Springing Back into Action

After taking some holiday last week, back home in Leeds, I’m back refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of things here at Dance HQ. Before I went down to Leeds I had a busy week, amongst other things, with ‘Keep it Reel’, my second session with Blaze and a full day of dance workouts for Lepra Health. The brighter days and slight improvement in the weather has definitely lifted my mood – and judging by the energy of the kids we teach it’s having the same effect on everyone!

‘Keep it Reel’ is still going really well with all the schools taking part. That week we went over the dances we had done over the previous weeks and the pupils remembered them really well which was great to see. We also taught our modernised Scottish Country Dance routine which we created to give the kids some inspiration for their own dances which they would be making up over the final weeks. I think the sight of modern dance moves injected the pupils with more enthusiasm so I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

My second class with Blaze also went well. I began by going over the bit of the routine I had already taught. I thought I may have taught a little too much in the first session, but the girls who were there for that remembered it really well which was good to see. There were two more dancers at the second session but, like the other dancers, they picked up the moves in good time! Encouraged by that I moved on to teach the start of the more contemporary bit at the beginning of the routine. When we put it all together, and I was able to see it with more dancers, I was really pleased and I think it’s going to look effective on the stage! I’ve actually managed to power through about a minute and a bit already which leaves a good amount of time for polishing that up as well as leaving them time to practise their other dances.

My Lepra Health dance workout that week was definitely a test for my stamina as I lead seven 20-30 minute workouts over the course of a school day at Dalry Primary. I thought I’d get a break when the P.1s and P.2s came in, but everyone had so much energy! They were a really great, enthusiastic school and Lepra Health being there tied in nicely with the health week that they were doing at the time. I think they all seemed to enjoy themselves too so I was happy with how it went.

Something we’re looking into is selling advertising space in the back of the programme for Dance HQ’s show in June. We’re looking for local businesses which we might share an audience with such as dance and fitness clothes shops, hairdressers, gyms and so on. If you have a business based in Glasgow and you would like to feature in our show programme then we’d love to hear from you! For more information you can call us at 0141 556 0039 or drop us an email at dance@dancehq.co.uk.

Finally, don’t forget that Dance HQ’s Kick Start week begins in just 3 weeks so get your place booked up! It’s set to be a great week with a different style of dance class taught every day from 10am-3pm from the 7th-11th April. The classes will include styles from Hip Hop and Street to Contemporary – don’t miss out!

Kick Start Poster Apr 14