Well, it is safe to say that Summer 2014 was busy, in fact it was so busy we barely had time to catch our breath in between all the performances, exams and touring on top of our regular classes.  At the end of June our dancers performed The Big Top, our annual dance performance, with dancers as young as 3 strutting their stuff in our circus-themed show…


Festival 2014 saw Gallus Stooshie on the main stage at Glasgow Green on Gaelic Day…

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Many of our Blaze Dance Academy dancers joined Blaze to perform the Dance Treasure Hunt at the Merchant City Festival…

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And 6 of our professional dancers toured with Clyde, the Commonwealth Games Mascot, on a whistle-stop tour of all the festival venues and surrounding communities…

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As well as all of that, our Adult Graded dancers excelled (no, seriously, they EXCELLED!) in their recent BATD examinations with every dancer achieving Honours or Highly Commended results and we managed to keep our classes running throughout.

For most people, this would be a time to put our feet up and pat ourselves on the back but not us!  We also launched a brand new clothing range, which was so successful that the first order has now almost completely sold out and we are taking orders for the next production batch.

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And just yesterday we were at Dance Show Live, with Susan teaching a very busy Tap workshop.


All of this goes to explain why we have been somewhat lax on the blogging front recently, so we hope you’ll forgive us.

Our new timetable is now online and the few classes that haven’t started yet will do so next week (w/c 1st September) plus we have one more big reveal to announce towards the end of this week… stay tuned!


Photo credits: Rosie’s Photography, Dance HQ, MarkyMark Robertson, Esther Hutchinson.