The Fun Continues as Time Flies By!

I can’t believe that’s the end of my third week already – we’re kept so busy the time seems to be flying by! This week has mostly revolved around the preparation of upcoming Outreach Projects. These are Lepra Health in Action dance workouts and ‘Keep it Reel’ Scottish Country Dancing workshops which I will be assisting with in schools over the next few weeks.

For the Lepra Health in Action dance workouts I was to devise four routines which combined aerobic and dance style moves. Two of the routines were to be made suitable for younger primary school pupils and two which would be slightly more challenging for older primary and high school pupils. Thursday was my first dance work out session in aid of Lepra Health in Action which took place at Oxgangs Primary School. Whilst this meant a sleepy journey through to Edinburgh on Thursday morning, the session was great as the kids really got into the routines and everyone had a fun workout for a good cause.

There’s been some further preparation going on for ‘Keep it Reel’. I’ve been creating sheets of notes for each dance for the tutors who will be going out to the schools, so hopefully they’ll make sense! There’s been a huge amount of interest in this project from schools which is great to see. Although the spaces are all filled up now hopefully this positive response will mean funding is made available for it to happen again in the future in even more schools.

I’ve also been back on the case researching costumes for this year’s show.  I think the theme is really starting to take shape. Below is a teaser picture of what I’ve been researching – can you guess what the theme might be? Also, as a part on my internship there was the option to teach an adult class. So I will now be devising a piece of choreography for the show which I will teach to the Blaze group every week. This is an exciting opportunity for me to really get creative so I’m looking forward to choosing a style of dance and music.

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