To Be Continued…

Unfortunately my internship here at Dance HQ has now sadly come to an end. We’ve had our last sessions with the ‘Keep it Reel’ schools, I’ve lead my last Lepra Health dance workout and finished teaching my choreography to Blaze. It has been a really great three months as I’ve had some great experiences working at Dance HQ, met some lovely people and I really feel like I’ve developed my skills even further to now, hopefully, put to use within the Arts industry.

I’ve had a great time at our final ‘Keep it Reel’ sessions as we held mini Ceilidhs with each class that took part. We revisited the older traditional dances that we had taught in the first few weeks of the project ¬†as well as doing their own modern creations. The pupils remembered the older dances really well considering we hadn’t gone over them in the weeks that they were choreographing their own routines. The participating students all seemed to have a great time over the seven weeks we have been with them, so it’s a shame that the project has not been able to find further funding as of yet. I think this was a really beneficial project for the pupils as they not only learnt about their Scottish heritage, but they were also allowed to think creatively about their identities in the present day by choreographing and naming their own routines. Generally speaking, all of the pupils were enthusiastic and worked well in their teams and I’ll miss working with them all.

I also had my final Lepra Health workout this week which I did at St Anne’s Primary. It went well which is great as it means I’ve finished on a positive note -the new music definitely went down well with the pupils and kept everyone upbeat for the workout! It’s also been so nice getting to know and working with Liz the Lepra Health fundraiser. She’s been lovely to chat to throughout my times going in to the Primary schools to do the workouts! I’ve really enjoyed doing these workouts since they combine my passion for fitness, aerobics especially, and dance and it’s been great to share the routines with so many enthusiastic kids over the past three months.

My final session teaching my choreography to Blaze went really well! We worked through the final bits of routine that I had left to add and managed to get some full runs of the dance done as well. I hope that the girls have enjoyed learning my routine as much as I have enjoyed teaching it to them. They’ve been so much fun to work with and they worked really hard to get the steps. It’s a bit of a tiring dance as well so I appreciate the energy they’ve been giving when running through it! I’ll hopefully be able to pop back into the studios to see how they’re getting on in the run up to the show.

I’ll definitely miss coming into the studios on Saturdays to help out with the Firecrackers, Starlite and Junior Blaze classes. It’s been lovely being Miss Kirsty and seeing the girls picking up and remembering their routines for the show. They’re such a lovely bunch of kids and I can’t wait to see the finished routines at the show!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Susan for giving me the opportunity to do this internship, and for allowing me to have so many great experiences with Dance HQ. I’ve also met so many lovely people in my time here that I’d like to thank for making my experience so enjoyable, including Liz the Lepra Health Fundraiser, the dancers who attend classes and various tutors that work with Dance HQ – especially Natalie and Ruth who I worked most closely with on the ‘Keep it Reel’ project. I’ve had such a great time with everyone and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see each other. And finally…thank you for reading!

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