What’s in the Bag?

Over the years every dancer learns what his or her ‘essentials’ are for a performance but for those of you starting out here’s our list of handy things to have in your performance bag…

Dance shoes – nice and clean with the correct elastics, ribbons or laces

Costumes – work from the inside out & plan your underwear too

Leotard – even if you don’t think you need one, bring a spare just in case

Safety pins, needle & thread – to catch any costume parts that misbehave

Hairbands & hairspray – essential for tweaking your hair between dances

Plasters – blisters have a habit of appearing at the worst times so be prepared

Water & fruit – Hot lights and lots of bodies means water is even more important than usual and fruit is lighter and will give you more energy than sweets

┬áSo, that’s our essential list, what’s yours?